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The eyes of North America and indeed much of the world are on Northern Alberta as evidenced by the overwhelming global response we have received for our free subscription offer to the Fort McMurray Business News & Job Opportunities newsletter.
We have received over 8,000 subscription requests for our electronic newsletter and anticipate that our subscription base will reach 15,000 in the next 6 months.
If you would like to reach this target audience with news about your business or services, we are offering the opportunity to promote your business and services to this audience free of charge for a limited time, based on the following guidelines:
Business News
Business news submissions must relate to Fort McMurray / Northern Alberta / or Oils Sands news.  Some examples of acceptable submissions are:

Recent Expansion

Added new equipment

Announce new Key Employee


Recently awarded contract

Introducing new services

Job Opportunities
You may submit job opportunity announcements.  This is an exceptional media to use if you are looking for specific experience or trades.
Contract Opportunities
If your company is seeking a contractor to provide goods, equipment or services, you may use this publication to submit your requirements.
Real Estate
If you are a realtor, you may submit one featured listing or rental property per issue, along with one .jpg or .gif image.  Your content article may contain links back to your website.
Travel News
Our readers are especially eager for travel news concerning Fort McMurray.  If your company provides air or ground transportation / hotel / motel accommodations / or any other related travel services, we will be pleased to publish news regarding your services.
* We reserve the right to accept or reject any submission which does not meet our editorial guidelines

* Submissions may be edited for clarity or to meet editorial guidelines.




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We would like to offer you the opportunity to tell North America and the world about your latest business news.  If your business is located in Fort McMurray, or you provide goods or services to Fort McMurray, Northern Alberta or the Oil Sands region, we would like to hear from you.

There is no charge to publish your business news.  Simply use the form below to submit your news / announcements / press releases.

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